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UW School of Social Work Directory

Enter a name in the search box to locate School of Social Work faculty and staff members, or select the first letter of their last name to search alphabetically. Please refer to UW Directories for a complete listing of University faculty, staff and students.


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First Name Last Name Job Title Telephone Location Room #
Brooks Callison Digital Media Technician 206-543-4471 SSW
Christopher Cambron PhD Student SSW
Carlos Carrillo Continuing Education Specialist SSW RC
Mary Casey-Goldstein Research Study Supervisor 206-221-4931 SDRG
Richard F. Catalano, Jr. Bartley Dobb Professor for the Study and Prevention of Violence, Director, Social Development Research Group
206-543-6382 (SDRG)
206-221-7737 (SSW)
SSW 203
Yu-Ling Chang PhD Student SSW
Chris Charles Media Relations Assistant 206-543-8771 SSW 254G
Wilson Chau Senior Computer Specialist 206-616-5184 SDRG
Marissa Chavez Research Coordinator 206-616-0747 POC
Sarah Cherin Lecturer SSW
Youngjun Choi PhD Student SSW
Diane Christiansen Program Operations Specialist 206-685-9068 SDRG
Tracey Coleman Program Coordinator, Office of Field Education 206-221-6171 SSW 112
Jon R. Conte Professor 206-543-1001 SSW 211A
Kimberly Cooperrider SRD Director, Technology 206-616-9642 SDRG
Leon Covington Continuing Education Coordinator
Michael Craig Continuing Education Specialist
Gina Cumbo Lecturer SSW
Mary Curran Lecturer SSW
Michelle Cutlip Continuing Education Coordinator SSW RC