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UW School of Social Work Directory

Enter a name in the search box to locate School of Social Work faculty and staff members, or select the first letter of their last name to search alphabetically. Please refer to UW Directories for a complete listing of University faculty, staff and students.


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First Name Last Name Job Title Telephone Location Room #
Kelly Cue Davis Research Associate Professor 206-616-2174 SSW 244A
Gretchen Davis Research Coordinator IPRG
Lauren Davis Program Operations Specialist Forefront
Stacey De Fries Lecturer/Faculty, Office of Field Education 206-221-5017 SSW 112C
Benjamin de Haan Executive Director 206-221-3134 POC
Stan de Mello Associate Director of Field Education 206-616-5983 SSW 112K
Meghan Deal Part-time Lecturer Off-Campus
Sinchai DeLong Senior Computer Specialist 206-685-9367 SSW
James DeLong Lecturer 206-685-3173 SSW 112J
Kim Dennison Administrative Specialist 206-543-3945 SSW 220E
Cynthia Dickman CWTAP Field Advisor 206-897-1835 SSW 112-B
Jim Diers Lecturer SSW
Leanne Do Program Coordinator 206-616-2176 SSW 238
Danae Dotolo PhD Student SSW
Carolyn Dunford Admissions Program Coordinator 206-543-0897 SSW 23A
Melissa DuPen Research Study Coordinator 206-616-2358 SSW 127G
Bonnie Duran Associate Professor SSW 225G
John H Dwyer Senior Computer Specialist 206-221-4647 SDRG