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UW School of Social Work Directory

Enter a name in the search box to locate School of Social Work faculty and staff members, or select the first letter of their last name to search alphabetically. Please refer to UW Directories for a complete listing of University faculty, staff and students.


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First Name Last Name Job Title Telephone Location Room #
Meg MacDonald Research Coordinator 206-616-7749 SSW 254D
Jane A. Macy 206-616-0791 SSW 211F
Maya Magarati Research Scientist 206-543-6254 SSW RC
Jennifer Maglalang Lecturer, Program Coordinator 206-543-3416 SSW 238D
Lisa Manzer Research Coordinator 206-685-5264 SSW
Maureen O. Marcenko Charles O. Cressey Endowed Professor 206-543-3546 301
Rebeca Marín Research Scientist (206) 685-4927 SSW 211 G
Melissa L Martinson Assistant Professor 206-221-4043 SSW 225C
Yolonda Marzest Continuing Education Coordinator SSW RC
Tatiana Masters Research Scientist SSW University District Building
Lauren Matthews Research Coordinator 206-543-7511 IPRG
Lyungai Mbilinyi Research Assistant Professor, Co-Director, IPRG 206-543-7511 IPRG
Rachelle McCarty Research Scientist SSW RC
Evan McCarty Data Scientist POC
Kristin J. McCowan PhD Student SSW
Morna McEachern Lecturer, Instructor 206-679-2239 SSW
Paul McEwen Human Resources Manager 206.685.1656 SSW 210 G
Treela McKamey Admissions Processing 206-543-5676 SSW 23A
Melinda McRae Web Computing Specialist 206-685-7638 SSW RC 252.4
Laura Merchant Lecturer SSW
Amanda Meyer Continuing Education Specialist SSW RC
Marcia K. Meyers 206-616-4409 SSW 210E
Penny Michel Continuing Education Coordinator SSW RC
Joe Mienko Research Scientist/ PhD Student 206-221-8725 POC
Stephen Miller Operations Manager 206-790-5408 SSW 225