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UW School of Social Work Directory

Enter a name in the search box to locate School of Social Work faculty and staff members, or select the first letter of their last name to search alphabetically. Please refer to UW Directories for a complete listing of University faculty, staff and students.


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First Name Last Name Job Title Telephone Location Room #
Angela Rambo Manager of Program Operations +1 (206) 616-3557
Anastasia Ramey Program Coordinator 206-685-0164 SSW 254 I
Tanya Ranchigoda Lecturer SSW
Abraham Ray Director of Technology 206-221-3103 POC
Rebecca Rebbe PhD Student SSW
Eddie Rehfeldt Part-Time Lecturer
Marty Richards Affliate Assistant Professor 360-379-2578 Off-Campus
Juanita Ricks Director of Admissions 206-221-7428 SSW 23C
J’May Rivara Lecturer, Faculty, Office of Field Education 206-616-5792 SSW 112H
Kendra Roberson Lecturer SSW
Anita Rocha PhD Student SSW
Maria Rodriguez PhD Student SSW
Jessica Rodriguez-Jenkins PhD Student SSW
Roger Roffman Professor Emeritus 206-543-2312 IPRG
Jennifer Romich Associate Professor 206-616-6121 SSW 225K
Maria Roper-Calbeck 206-616-6247 SDRG 309
Gregory Ross Assistant Director for Advancement 206-221-7735 SSW 2
Linda Ruffer Academic Adviser 206-685-8345 SSW 23G
Alice Ryan Lecturer/Faculty, Office of Field Education 206-221-7527 SSW 112E